What Promise You Make on Your Midlife Birthday

Today I stop my biological clock forever as I know now that the Sun has been forever rising and setting, the planets and our earth has been forever revolving in joy, the stars were forever shining and will continue to shine as they are tonight. So I. I am happening now and forever.

On the same day, decades back I crawled out of my mother’s womb to present myself to this world and to receive amazing gifts from this world.

I thank for all that, this life and this world has gifted to me!. I am so thankful to that clock too for its ticking which helped me achieve some of crucial worldly milestones, that now I am all ready to think beyond time.

Back then while in womb it was my wish and desire to form myself with the best possible ways I knew that time.  I am sure this form of me has been amazing.

I promise that going ahead I continue forming myself to look and feel the one I had always been fundamentally: The Complete One, The Blissful One, The Beautiful One, The Joyful One, The Mischievous One, The Hopeful One. Believe me! We are all that, all the time! It’s just that we are unaware of our real being.

And I know each one of us has all that capability, that power, that creativity and that strength to create what we want. And why not!  This universe is engrossed in constant creation and formation.  And each one of us is an integral part of it.  Think about it. If you and I are an integral part of it, then how can this universe be complete without you and me?

I promise to me to appreciate importance of my existence in this universe.

I promise to me to be considerate that there may be situations of discomfort, irritation, confusion. But I promise that instead of worrying and being fearful I will rise above those situations using the strength and love in my heart, using abilities, knowledge and skills that I acquired from this world, and most importantly using wisdom that I gained from my awareness, my journey of successes and failures.

I promise to me when this world becomes noisy, disturbing and boring for me I choose to use my right to tune to wonderful cadence being played within me. We would immerse in that musical joy of nature if, only if that clock wasn’t ticking.  Believe me, there is a grand concert that goes on within us all the time! It is just matter of tuning to it.

I promise to be a mischievous but caring sibling of my kids, bestest friend of my parents, spouse and my family, a responsible and supporting friend to my friends and this world.

I promise to be a lovely, young child of Mother Nature to sing, to dance, to jump to laugh and giggle in her tender lap.

No matter how loudly the divine mother screams to tell me to leave the playground, no matter how hard she tries to pull me out of this garden to get me back home, I promise that I will convince her to stay back at the ground and watch her child’s game peacefully and feel proud.   I promise that I will let her know that I am her ambitious child, like her only, will not return until I give that best shot that I always wanted to give.  I will make her realize that her kid is not weak who will faint on the hot ground and die due to thirst and hunger. I thank her for those sufficient supplies of hope, desire, strength and burning fire she provided me when I planned to land on this playground.

I thank my friends, family and supporters for being with me in this game of life, on this vast and vivacious playground.

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