Grab energy from the ‘Nothing’, the Pause!

Can we imagine a speech without pause? No, it will be a meaningless series of words uttered. Can we experience music without silence in between? No, it is caesura that transforms sound into a melodious tune.
The pause, the silence adds grace to our life. Our mind is in constant chase of materials, in the rat race expecting that the joy and happiness will occur only through winning that battle. However we deprive of the energy of present moment. In every moment we grapple in memories of past or we dwell in future with fear and doubts. Our mind becomes as if it is programmed to live in the cage of past and future.

We can’t change! Fair enough! We can’t change. Can we convert that cage into a beautiful garden to wander in by accumulating positive and empowering moments from past and by weaving dreams of grand creations?

How many times we enjoyed song of chirping birds? How many times we watched blooming buds? How many times we gazed the sky and acknowledged the mysterious existence of uncountable stars.

Not many! We leave it for an outing to be planned in future.

The nature is constantly thriving outside and within us. The nature is driving, everything and even our existence but instead of acknowledging her we live in illusions of mind.

When a rain drop is falling from sky it gives immense pleasure to creatures on the ground. When it settles on leaves and branches it becomes a unique glance when rays pass through it. When it falls on ground or merges in ocean it creates pleasant music and raises our hope. At every moment this tiny thing gives us immense joy, joy and joy only because it passionately enjoys its own journey without any hurries and worries.

If pause is so important then how can we create, enjoy and seek power from it?

Fill your heart with gratitude. Instead of thinking what you don’t have be thankful for what you have and celebrate with it. There are many who don’t have what you have.

  •  At the start of the day be grateful that you woke up and you have a great day ahead. Promise to yourself that you will use this day to fullest by loving, by caring, by forgiving, by dancing, by smiling, by striving to achieve what you desire!
  •  At the end of the day be grateful for the opportunity that you got to perform various roles throughout the day, for receiving applause, for lessons learnt, all in all making that one step towards your dream.
  • Whatever be the situation, thinking of positive outcome is always a plus point.  The moment you start worrying about future pick up paper and a pen and start listing the things you worry about, list reasons of your worry, list what actions you are taking for that positive outcome you wish to bring in. Facing the fear is winning half the battle!
  •   Take a deep breath, feel it, trail around with it within you.  No matter if you are living in midst of a city, you can’t listen to song of birds, you can’t enjoy blooming buds, the grand nature is thriving within us with the every breath passing by.  Appreciate that!
  •  Try doing this as frequently as regularly as possible and let this be part of your habit.

Can we do this every day? Every hour? Every moment? If yes then we acknowledge being nature’s most beautiful creation, which we are,  like that sparkling rain drop!  
The life becomes infinite as we live life every moment. 

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